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About Us
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Leduc Truss is located in Leduc, Alberta, 15 minutes south of Edmonton.  From this location, we produce wood roof and floor trusses and distribute engineered wood products for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings.

Clifford Paulson, a local entrepreneur, founded the company in 1979.  In 1981, three partners with previous experience in the wood truss industry joined the business.  Contributing their expertise were Gordon Tober, Russell Dyson, and Harold Cox.  Mr. Cox attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (N.A.I.T.) where he studied millwork and carpentry.  Mr. Dyson and Mr. Tober also attended N.A.I.T. and received diplomas in Architectural Technology.

Due to our success, we were able to relocate to a larger manufacturing facility in 1987.  Since then, we have had several expansions of our operations adding more office and factory space to meet the increasing demand for our services.  These expansions have allowed us to increase production capacity and provide improved design services.

In 1989, Leduc Truss was the first company in the Edmonton Region to establish a full time engineered wood products division realizing the potential for engineered floor systems in residential construction.  This division has grown exponentially in size since its inception.  The introduction of this devision also gave our customers the ability to ensure that roof and floor systems on more complex projects would be engineered for structural compatibility.

In 2006, the company under went a corporate restructure to allow the founder and largest shareholder, Clifford Paulson, to retire.  In his place, the Qualico Group was welcomed as a new partner.  Qualico is a Western Canadian based multi-faceted group with interests in land development, home construction, property management, building supplies and other truss manufacturing operations.  With the remaining senior management team intact and the business strength of our new partner, we are now positioned to expand to our full potential for the future benefit of our customers and staff.

As part of keeping pace with the marketplace and its needs, we regularly invest in new equipment and technology.  Most recently, we upgraded our operation to include the manufacturing of pre-fabricated wall panels.  We anticipate that this division will have strong growth potential and will capture a growing market demand as the advantages of wall panels become realized in the industry.

Leduc Truss has established a reputation as a leader in Alberta’s wood industry by building strong customer, supplier and employee relationships.  Throughout our history, we have remained true to our initial business philosophy of supplying superior quality products at a competitive price with customer service second to none.

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Leduc Truss has always been supportive of the local community and takes seriously our corporate responsibilities.  This is achieved by supporting local charities and business associations.